Tuesday, May 18, 2010

'Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways' - Oscar Wilde

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Creamy shades of bark turquoise, pale rose & minty jade

I love this colour combination....pale, soft, creamy....the bark turquoise beads are like little balls of mocha. The minty jade and pale rose pink are picked up in the faceted ab Czech glass rounds. This is a new line of bracelets available soon in my Etsy shop.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Still having that fascination with skulls...........this is what was created after drinking my MacMatcho! Thinking of doing a similiar one in tones of blue.......lovely soft suede lace oftentimes feels nicer around your neck and is brilliant for those who are *allergic to any costume jewellery metals.

*all of my pieces are nickel free

The MacMatcho

I love Maca....and Matcha....and Cacao.......and the good effects, healthy benefits they have for my body. I also love coffee and do allow myself morning cups of coffee. A Timmy's is allowed now and again because, well, it's the Canadian thing to do!
But for the afternoon slump, only a truly anti-slump drink will do. I make it with raw Maca, Matcha tea and Cacao. I like to call it the MacMatcho! This drink not only tastes fantastic....a chocolately malted milk Horlicky sweet creamy tea combination..........but it's good for your blood sugar levels, keeping you steady for hours (unlike coffee which makes you crash). The Maca is an energizing Peruvian ginseng which is also an adaptogenic, used to balance areas of the body that are unbalanced (helps stop you being crazy if you're pmsing for example!) and the Matcha green tea powder brings the equivalent of 10 cups worth of antioxidant rich green tea as well as the amino acid L-theanine known to relax the mind and offer sustained calm alertness (this is what we need mid-afternoon!) and the Chocolate...aaahhhh.... the chocolate.....this is pure, raw, unadulterated cacao, full of bliss inducing chemicals as well as being a very nutrient dense food, especially rich in magnesium ( which over 80% of us are deficient in) and other minerals such as iron, zinc as well as chromium (blood sugar balancing mineral). I hope I have convinced you to try this delicious MacMatcho drink!

The MacMatcho

8 0z Rice, Almond, Soy or combination of all three
1/4 ish tsp of organic matcha green tea powder
1 tsp raw maca powder
1/2 tsp raw cacao powder
1/2 tsp raw agave or raw honey(manuka is the one i favour)
a pinch of Himylayan pink salt (not table salt pls!).

Put the milk in a pan and heat very gently(do not boil)
Meanwhile, put your matcha tea, maca and cacao powders in a small bowl, then add a couple tablespoons of the warm milk, add the raw honey or agave, and the pink salt and wisk until the ingredients are combined into a frothy paste.
Then add the paste to the milk in the pan and continue to wisk until everything is creamy smooth.
The next step is optional but I like to then put mine into a blender (magic bullet works great) and blend it so that it's lovely and frothy.

.......... mmmmmm, and there you have it, the MacMatcho!
Drink this and prepare to be blissfully calm, focussed and energized for quite some time.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Refreshing and chic, some shades of turquoise have an old-fashioned 50s and 60s retro feel. Teal has a darker, somewhat more sophisticated look. Like the mineral, turquoise shades range from almost sky blue to deep greenish blue.

The nature of turquoise has the same calming effects of the colours it's made up of. Technically a mix of blue and green, traditional turquoise has a sweet feminine feel while the darker teal shades add lively sophistication. Turquoise represents water.......think aqua and aquamarine......the islands.....blue lagoon.......blue curacao (yum).

I love turquoise. It reminds me of the years spent in Jamaica, teaching scuba to students every day in the pool (okay, not so turquoise) then off to 'Silver Spray Reef' , a then beautiful turquoise water 30ft dive, full of colour and ocean life. Unbelievable colour at that depth....bright yellow and black sargent major fish, the lilac colours of huge tube sponges and the typical Princess Parrotfish, common in Jamaican waters and on Jamaican dinner tables as well! but beautiful nonetheless. A true mix of blue to green on its body to meld into the perfect shade of turquoise.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Collage Earrings

Loving this Collage earrings-Family Jewels Series No.8 by Christine Suthers of My Artistic Soul.....gorgeous.
Check out her work on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/paint1chris

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Romantic Rock Chic Collection

.....couldnt sleep last night....up since 3:00am and had some ideas, which normally I would push to the back of my brain and ttttrrrrrryyyyy to sleep.....you shouldnt always listen to your brain, sometimes you just gotta wear your heart on your sleeve ;)