Thursday, March 12, 2009

'Sweet' leelarocks

....seeing I am in detox mode and off the clearly 'addictive' refined sugar ( does a daily habit of 2 vanilla soy lattes, a bar of G & B's milk chocolate and a couple of vodkas count?!...yes me thinks so!!).
Am having a feast of fresh berries....goji, blueberries, raspberries....acai juice and loads of kiwi fruit to try and undo all the damage to my collagen. Apparently sugar cross links your collagen and causes it to be stiff and inflexible....yikes!! ....aaaaannnnd if you're gonna eat fruit, it must have its seeds or it will do the nothing safe!?!

So, in terms of jewelry, I've made a few 'sweet' things.......

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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Being interested in natural health, raw food, food state supplements, is an interesting fact that might encourage us to start some spring detoxing...

Refined Sugar

interesting comparison
: Heroin is produced by taking the juice of certain poppy varieties and refining it into opium, then morphine, and finally into Heroin. Similarly, refined sugar is produced from taking the juice of sugar cane or beet and refining it into molasses, then brown sugar, and finally into white sugar.

Refined sugar is a drug that causes artificial highs, mood swings, depression, and energy crashes. In the 16th century, refined sugar was considered and used as a recreational drug in the royal courts of Europe.

This excerpt was taken out of a book called 'Eating For Beauty' by author David Wolfe - raw food and nutrition authority.



Hey, hey, here's a bit of a photo 'LookBook' of the jewelry I've been making recently. Have naturally been gravitating towards skulls...and style hearts with wings.
My skulls are 'happy' skulls...lots of colour but with a bit of a rock'n roll edge. I think skulls symbolize life, death, life creatively!
The Sanskrit word ' leela' means creative play. According to Vedic Science creation is a divine play that assigns each of us a unique role. The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness. Take your role too seriously and you risk missing life's magic.

We should all try to celebrate more leela!

Hope you like my jewelry.....xox