Saturday, August 7, 2010


One of my favourite sellers on Etsy is The Pixel Prince. They sell uplifting, humorous and inspirational handmade posters, notecards, buttons and vintage memorabilia in a vast array of colours which can be custom ordered. I recently purchased a few Bob Marley inspirational quote posters in the style of the 'Keep Calm, Carry On' series. I ordered mine in the Timberwolf colour which is a gorgeous shade of silvery grey with white lettering. They remind us of our time in Jamaica, they lift my mood when I read/look at them and we will treasure them for years to come. I purchased 3 and framed them in simple black with white matting frames. The Pixel Prince offers over 36 colours with quotes, inspirational words, funny posters and exclusive custom framed posters.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jamaica Irie

I was checking out The Sartorialist this morning and there is a great photograph of a man taken in New York which very much reminds me of our years spent in Jamaica. I got to reminiscing and came across a few photos.....

This photo is about 18 or 19 years old......geez, am I that old?!? The little girl on the right is actually my daughter, Saska. She's standing with her then bestist friends, Joseph and Joshua. Taken in Jamaica, just before the start of the school day, hence the still clean and fresh uniforms.
They were off to Hampton Preparatory School, waiting to be picked up by Wayne (my other half) in the back of his pickup truck...literally the back, the 'pickup' part of the truck as is customary passenger seating for rambunctious school children singing the following Shabba Ranks lyrics!

ting-a-ling a ling, school bell a ring, knife and fork i fight fi dumplin

Booyaka Booyaka fi Shabba Rankin

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Etsy Treasury by mariescottage

A lovely Etsy Treasury was recently created by mariescottage, featuring LeelaRocks Blue Heart without you necklace as well as other gorgeous items from Etsy the handmade marketplace. The author borrowed a line from one of my favourite U2 songs "I cant live, with or without you..." as her inspiration for the treasury collection. My other half and I and our two children (15 & 23!) went to see U2 in Toronto last year....amazing concert.

Click on the link to see the treasury

....and as I happen to be a big Chevy fan, I love this print by mariescottage titled 'I drove my Chevy to the Levy' 5 x 7 fine art print.